Meet The Host :

Organizing Committee of World Industrial Design Conference, China

Meet The Organizers :

China Industrial Design Association


Open to all enterprises, units, design companies, education institutions, design service platforms,
government departments, enterprise senior managers, social contributors, TIA invites designers and allied professionals,
all across the globe to participate.
Design Awards Categories:
  • Top Design Contributor
  • Top Outstanding Designer
  • Top Original Design Brand
  • Top Design Service Platform
  • Top Innovative Design Province & City
  • Top Chief Design Officer (CDO)
  • Top Design Company
  • Top Enterprise Design Center
  • Top Design Education Institution
  • Top Ecological Design

STEPS To Participate

1. Download the form of the category you wish to participate in.

2. Complete the form and submit it to relevent recommending organisations.

3. After reviewing it, the recommending organisations shall email the electronic form and relevent material to:

The Organizing Committee of WIDC


Winner’s Benefits

1. Winners and a part of applicants shall be invited to attend WIDC December 2017 and TIA Award Ceremony and other relevant activities, given the platform to promote and publicize themselves to the world;
2. They will get priority to participate in industrial matchmaking, design venture, platform co-building,brand promotion, exhibition, media publicity, etc.
3. The award-winning achievements shall be included in the World Industrial Design Conference Annual Report,China Industrial Design Yearbook, Design Magazine, etc., and will be further recommended to related international media.
4. They will be recommend to join in industry inspection, exchange, matchmaking,cooperation and other activities with regard to design and enterprise on an international scale.
5. They will be recommend to participate in a wide range of industrial activities on an International level.

The Secret To Win!

The applicants should have made fruitful explorations in boosting industrial development,bringing out value in design and creating a better life, with a wide range of influence and remarkable results.
Deadline: 25 October, 2017
First Screening: Early November 2017
Second Screening: Late November 2017
Award Ceremony: During WIDC December 2017 (time and place will be informed)

Contact us

Organizing Committee of WIDC No.2988, Moganshan Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China